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Apartments Pag Glavan
Apartments Pag Glavan, Island of Pag, Croatia

Pag lace

Pag lace
Pag lace is one of the most famous Croatian souvenirs. It is made in the city of Pag which is located on the island of Pag. It is woven by needle and is still preserved in its original form. Pag lace can be purchased from the lace weavers which weave during the summer months in front of their houses.

Pag cheese

Pag cheese
Pag cheese is cheese produced from the milk of sheep which graze on the hilly pastures that are rich with aromatic plants. These plants are exposed to salt because of the frequent strong winds. This kind of pasture is what makes the specific and recognizable aroma of the Pag cheese.

City Pag, island Pag, Croatia

Panorama Pag
City of Pag, the centre of the island, was founded in the 15th century and today is a rarely found well preserved middle age walled-in town. It is the cultural, touristic and the administrative centre as well. The plans for its construction were made by the renaissance architect Juraj Dalmatinac.
Valuable cultural and historical monuments are: The parish church of St Mary on Kralja Petra Kresimira IV square (St Valentine's reliquary and a miraculous crucifix), the old Tower, the remnants of the town walls, Duke's palace.

Crkva Sv. Marije
Crkva Sv. Marije
Benedictine Nunnery, along with numerous valuable reliquaries and paintings, keeps the tradition and craftsmanship of making "Baskotini" - aromatic crisp bread which can still be bought in the Nunnery.
An old Croatian public drama "Robinja" has been preserved and is still played together with "Paski tanac" - a local dance performed in beautiful Pag costumes decorated with the well known Pag lace.

The town of Pag is rich in sandy, pebble and stone beaches. The ring of Pag bay consists of 27 km of beaches. You can reach most of the beaches by car, except the ones located in the Pag doors which can be reached exclusively by boat. The largest beach is Prosika located in the immediate vicinity of the center of the town of Pag.


Lokunja Pag
Lokunja Pag
Lokunja is southwest part of the city of Pag situated directly near to the beach Prosika. The area of Lokunja amounts to 20.000 m2, an area with the shallow sea water with rich peloid layer with healing property on the shoal. The peloid layers were settled during the number of millenniums, and its healing property was proven not only from experiences but also in a number of research studies. It is used for treatment of rheumatic and also of different dermatological diseases.